Indigenous Psychology (IP) examines the impact of culture and other social processes on people’s intrapsychic processes, cognition and behaviour, beyond the boundaries of Western psychology. Southeast Asian psychology has long been under-represented in mainstream psychology, leaving indigenous ways of knowing disregarded. SEAIP hopes to bring together scholars from all over the globe to empower local psychologists in SEA regions to conduct indigenous and culturally-relevant research that could widen the conceptual space in global psychological research. We also aim to include under-represented psychologists from less-developed countries in SEA regions, to amplify their voices and concerns for an equitable global psychology.

SEAIP Scientific Meeting is one of the annual meetings conducted to achieve the goals. The first SEAIP meeting was launched virtually in 2021 by Monash University Malaysia’s Culture and Health Lab through sponsorship by AASP (The Asian Association of Social Psychology). The two-day event featured two keynote speakers and 7 plenary speakers from prominent IP backgrounds. The event attracted around 100 abstract submissions from 16 countries, with 16 abstracts accepted for presentation at the conference. Awards totalling up to USD $600 were given to the top 3 outstanding full papers submitted for the Early Career Researchers Awards, while two seed grants worth over USD $2000 were awarded to two out of the four research clusters formed at the conference. The second SEA-IP Conference was virtually organized by Monash University in 2022, featuring a keynote speaker, two symposiums, and cluster discussions, slightly shorter than the first event. This year, the third conference will be hosted by Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia, in collaboration with Monash University Malaysia. The conference will follow several scientific programs from the first one and adopt a hybrid format. The aim of this meeting is to strengthen the spirit of the SEAIP Community in facing future challenges.



  1. Empowerment of “indigenous psychology” young scholars in Southeast Asia.

  2. Addressing the culturally relevant issues in Southeast Asian through indigenous psychology research methodology.

  3. Uncovering the indigenous knowledge espoused by the indigenous populations and minorities in Southeast Asia.

  4. Building a research hub for collaborative and multidisciplinary indigenous psychology research in Southeast Asia. 

    Learn more about The Third Southeast Asian Indigenous Psychology Conference 2023 objectives here.